Key Target
The Target of the Organization is to bring about the intellectual unity among  the countries of the Arab World through education, culture and science, and to enhance the cultural level in this world so as to keep up with the universal civilization and contribute to it.
Article /1/
Constitution of the ALECSO
Some of ACATAP's Targets & duties
Contributing to the Arabization of academic and higher education including ensuring Arabization needs, such as the translation,  authorship, publication and distribution of reference books. 
Translating different scientific encyclopedic and reference books from foreign languages.
Establishing different kinds of cooperation with the universities and other directions concerned with translation and Arabization.
Concluding cooperation agreements with Arab and foreign parties for the exchange of information and experiences.
Harmonizing  the efforts working on translation, Arabization and authorship in the Arab World, and activating the exchange of experiences and publications among Arab concerned institutions.
Some of ACATAP's Projects
Translation of books,
“Arabization” Magazine,
Transferring the contributions of Arabs and Muslims,
Symposium of the in-charged-of the Arabization of high education in the Arab World.
ALECSO Organs Abroad
1 - Arab Center for Arabization, Translation, Authorship and Publication
2 - Khartoum International Institute for Arabic Language
3 - Arabization Coordination Bureau
4 - Institute of Arab Manuscripts
5 -institute of Arab Research and Studies

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